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is of utmost importance so that more and more visitors visit the site, which in lieu, will increase the name and fame of that site and will also increase the sales.

Website promotion

is a continuous process. The process involves certain methods, such as developing web content that is a process of searching the information, gathering it from different sources, writing it, and editing task for publication; second method is search engine optimization and third method is search engine submission. Many companies do offer services for

website promotion

promising ranks in top pages of a search engine.  Some companies offer guides for customers for manually take some initial steps in promotion.

If you have designed a new site or you have done changes in an already existing site, either way you must focus on these points to promote your site well. It is advised to use as much textual content as possible. Unless the page contains text you cannot think of your site's success. Adding images, including animated visuals etc may fascinate the visitor but less content will make him less aware about the product you are promoting on your


. Search engines are not interested in non html text. It is advised to keep such codes in external files. These days many languages are used to build websites. Search engines need not know the language been used; thus link your page with html text. Moreover depending on the type of the search engines, they may or may not support different file types; some may support acrobat files (.pdf) but some may not. Thus it is best to stick to html file type which is supported by all the search engines.

When you are taking steps in promoting your website then there are some steps which must be taken into consideration.  Primarily you must list yourself in internet directories which are quite popular. This can provide you with good number of visitors to begin with. Directories are the places where the user or visitor can look for the


he desires. The next step is to get your content through Open Directory Project (aka ODP). This process of submission to ODP is free of cost.  The next step is to know how you can use search engine to draw more traffic to your


. For this you must know search engine optimization‘s basics. You need to understand the basic ranking system in order to avoid any rejections. Your site must be SEO friendly; you need keyword optimization; need to build links; learn to use Meta tag, etc. These all are anvils of creation and thus promoting a website.

Services provided for

website promotion

have new approaches of adding your site manually to the directories. Services also include managing the progress of your site online straight from the browser. Usually the services provided are banner impressions, pay per click, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO software, etc.

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