Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

The term optimization has many meanings when used with different terms. But literally it implies: making thing fully, perfectly functional or effective as possible, thus giving much better and improved results. The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization

is a set of methods that involves aim of making the sites and the contents of the site a great importance to the searchers.

Promotion of the site is next but essential step after we have a running site in hand. Most of us promote our running websites by blogging or by paid inclusion. However these methods of promotion do not list your site in search rankings. Next step is to bring in humungous amount of traffic (visitors) that concern your site or say visit your site. Thus bringing an unending traffic to your site is very crucial. In order to make your web page SEO friendly, process of SEO is used. Indexing of keywords, optimizing the content, and at last building links are other steps involved in making sites SEO friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

(aka SEO) process involves tasks that enhance the efficiency of website such that they can be ranked higher in the


results in search engines. SE Optimization keeps into consideration that how

search engine

works and also what searcher searches for. Process of


involves editing website’s content, how it is represented to searcher (that is, its html page and coding in order to enhance the relation of keywords in the search). The methods that are used to provide more specific search results are called

search engine optimization

methods which include: indexing, preventing crawling, and increasing prominence. The first method is to locate pages as a result of algorithmic


; this is the job of crawler or both. Pages that are indexed (from other sites) are automatically available. It is not compulsory that every page is indexed. Crawling depends on various factors. The second method of preventing crawling is desired under the circumstances where certain content is not needed. By using meta tags, certain files can be avoided from being indexed. The last method itself includes many other methods. Cross linking method is used to provide more ranking to a page; it is a linking of pages on same site, keyword stuffing and normalizing URL are other methods.

Whenever the client who wishes to increase the visitors to his site and make it more attractive in order to draw traffic (which is directly proportional to the amount earned by the creator) must employ a company which has good logical knowledge of market sector, which employs good SEO techniques. earch engine optimization techniques are broadly categorized under the headds of two names: white and black hat. Albeir the black hat ones are totally reproached by the search engines, the white hats are given preference by them. The black hat / bad techniques must be avoided such as text that is hidden, text having same color as that of background, stuffing of keywords, doorway pages and gateway pages.

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